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Welcome to Abigail Taft Nutrition! I'm a Functional Nutrition Dietitian based in Cleveland, OH. I completed my dietetic internship at the Cleveland Clinic and received my Master's in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University.

I specialize in perinatal nutrition - all things pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and postpartum.
I have worked with a diverse range of clients and in different settings including clinical acute care, wellness, health coaching, functional medicine, public health and counseling. The common thread across all of these areas is that every person's approach to nutrition and wellness must be highly individualized. My philosophy involves a holistic and deep dive into your life, schedule, and habits. We'll discuss the science of nutrition, sleep, exercise, supplements, relationships, and of course, food. I breakdown the science of nutrition, making it practical and simple, and giving you lifelong knowledge and skills to apply to your lifestyle. My philosophy to nutrition is always delicious, practical, and approachable.
I look forward to working with you, or please feel free to simply learn and get some inspiration from my blog, Spoonful of Abby. Enjoy!


BA in History, Brown University

Dietetics, New York University

Masters in Nutrition, Case Western Reserve University

Dietetic Internship at The Cleveland Clinic

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Abigail Taft Nutrition is a functional nutrition consulting business and private practice.  Our focus is on individualization, for our one-on-one counseling clients, presentations, events, articles, and brand consulting work. Abigail combines her unique background in marketing and financial recruiting with her nutrition education and training in her approach to all projects and client work.
Our nutrition philosophy is built on two principles: the science of nutrition and the individuality of the person. A basic understanding of the science of nutrition is critical in understanding how your body reacts to certain foods, why you’re bloated, how your hunger hormones work, why blood glucose is so critical in controlling cravings and weight, and how food may manifest in certain disease states. And then one must consider all of the unique things that influence a person’s health - schedule, relationships, sleep, exercise, spirituality, environment, and of course, diet. We take an integrative and functional medicine lens to get to the root cause of issues. Often times something in your life is out of balance - diet, environmental toxins, sleep, nutrient deficiencies - and it affects your overall health. We work closely with you to figure out your unique puzzle, get to the root cause of your problem, and ensure all of your body systems and puzzle pieces are in balance. Our approach may involve one or a range of dietary interventions combined with lifestyle and behavior change. 
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