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I am so glad I made the decision to invest in myself through this partnership with Abby. Thanks to the work we did together, I'm feeling better than I felt pre-baby and pre-pandemic! We struck the right balance of structure and flexibility, which I found to be totally empowering and really refreshing on top of the results I have achieved (improved confidence, better digestion, weight loss, dropping a few clothing sizes). I feel confident that I can navigate through life's changes and challenges while staying true to the plan we put in place -- and I thank you for that!


-Whitney, 31

The only way I can describe working with Abby is saying “She’s a 11/10”. Going from yo-yo dieting to learning how to create a lifestyle was a game changer for me and my health. Through her small changes I have been able to lose 18 lbs, I cleared up my psoriasis, and was able to sleep through the night. I could not recommend her more and what she provides her clients with. Plus if you really want her to, she will happily high five you through a video call.  

-Maggie, 30

"I originally inquired with Abigail in hopes of “losing a few lbs.” after the holidays. My idea of healthy eating was in line with hers, and I was hoping for accountability while working with her virtually. Over the 4 months of the program, I did lose a few pounds, 8 to be exact, but I got much more out of our relationship than I imagined. She had book recommendations, I created routine, I added greens to almost every meal - I’m happy to say that I’ve made lifestyle changes, which is much more important than losing a few pounds. During the four months, I went on two vacations and spent about a month in quarantine and I felt in control. I am looking forward to working with Abigail next year after the holidays again and I cannot say thank you enough!
-Sara K., 30

I am so glad I found Abby + was able to work with her virtually for two months! She listened to all of my concerns and made me a completely individualized plan to ensure that it was something sustainable over time. I lost 7 lbs in 6 weeks and not only improved my eating habits + my relationship with food, but I also have improved sleep, stress levels, energy levels and reduced cravings! She is up to date on all of the current research and utilizes personalized information to help guide each session. Her knowledge + mindset helped to show me the positive impact food can have on my well being. I am so thankful for her + know I can always reach out to her for help!  


-Katie, 28

"After seeing doctors and other nutritionists Abigail finally made nutrition accessible in a way that made sense for my body. She helped me identify food combinations that were upsetting my system and figured out what foods really worked for me. Abigail makes eating healthy fun and easy. She shares easy recipes that are delicious and tips on what to always have in your fridge which makes a huge difference when deciding to make healthy eating choices. Eating feels much more intuitive with Abigail’s guidance and I’ve developed sustainable healthy eating habits and feel so much better!"


-Isabel, 28

"Abby was a tremendous help in coaching me to hit my goal weight for my wedding. We worked together weekly for about a year and I was able to shed 18lbs without feeling restricted. She is incredibly knowledgeable with the science behind eating foods that help you feel healthier and more energized. Abby is also amazing with menu consulting. For example, I will text  her a menu for the restaurant I am going to for dinner and she will send back several options that I should order to stay on track. The power of knowing what I am ordering for lunch or dinner before I arrive to a restaurant helps me feel in control of my goals. Abby is so fun to work with and she makes you feel comfortable and confident in achieving your health goals. 5 stars would highly recommend Abigail Taft Nutrition!"

-Britt, 29

"Our meetings are always motivating, inspiring and educational. Abby makes everything simple and I finally don't feel addicted to sugar. Her advice and changes are always realistic and easy to follow. My afternoon cravings and bloat are gone and I've lost 5 lbs in 1 month. So happy to have found her!"

-Anonymous Female, 32

“Working with Abby has not only been a wonderful investment in my health, but in the health of those around me. Being a vegetarian for 3 years, Abby has opened my eyes to what balanced, healthy, nutritional meals should consist of. She helped me identify loopholes in my past diet choices and has done a wonderful job of educating me to make better choices moving forward. I love the video-conferencing aspect of being able to meet with her (without having to travel) and know she’s always a quick text or email away if I have questions between sessions. I found it very helpful to print the documents/materials she accompanies with her teachings and place in a folder to have quick reference to what I’ve learned. Working with Abby has been a wonderful learning experience and I highly recommend her!”

-Mike D., 41

I am SO grateful for finding Abby! She has been awesome in my health journey! I have been a vegetarian for years, but never took the time to educate myself on how to maintain a healthy vegetarian diet, and get the nutrients needed. Abby not only helped me, but did so in a way that was practical and kind. I loved how she breaks it down into habits and goals, making a realistic plan specifically for you and your lifestyle. She is very knowledgeable, and doesn’t hesitate to answer any questions you ask. I loved working with her so much! I have learned more in the last 2 months than I ever dreamed of. 


-Cassie, 37

"Working with you made me realize that I've been putting medications into my body that I didn't need and that there are so many things that can be fixed by changing your diet. I'm so appreciative to have found the root cause of my issues and a sustainable way to manage it. You've really given me so much hope with how much better I feel. This has been a game-changer."


-Bobbi G., 30

"Eating healthy is difficult. But having a detailed plan and a long list of healthy alternative options makes the trek towards improving your diet much more manageable. Abigail was incredible in helping teach me about how to eat healthy, what nutrients our bodies need (and don’t need) and how to organize a plan that is catered towards what my specific body/mind needs. Knowledge doesn’t always mean action and Abigail made it clear that her program was focused 1) on knowledge and 2) on implementation. Abigail stayed involved throughout the process to make sure that I stay committed to improving my diet with manageable and realistic expectations and goals. I highly recommend connecting with Abigail if you are interested in improving your health or learning more about how our diet has an effect on our daily lives."  

-Charles, 28

"I am so grateful to have connected with Abigail! I was having chronic health issues, and when I reached out to her she was so understanding and ready to help. We spent time going over my concerns and how I wanted to improve my eating habits and health overall. She is extremely knowledgeable, and uses her knowledge to educate you on the “why” you should make the changes. She created an environment that allowed me to be comfortable asking her questions and I knew she would give me an honest answer. And she is always there to answer questions! From working with Abigail, my overall health has improved and has promoted a healthy relationship with food."


-Olivia, 30

Abigail was very knowledgeable and her understanding of the human body and the food we put in to it helped to minimize severe pain and digestive issues by changing my diet. It has been such a relief working with Abigail, because of her I have found a healthy natural way to help my body and been able to regain control of my life.


-Anonymous Female, 30

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