Trying to lose weight, manage a medical condition, support a healthy pregnancy, get ready for an event, nix bloating and digestive issues, learn more about healthy choices or just want to feel better? We create an individualized program depending on your lab values, lifestyle, challenges and goals.  Our approach to wellness incorporates nutrition and lifestyle coaching. We’ll dive into the science behind what you eat, how you eat, when you eat, and how your lifestyle affects your health. 



*Programs range from 2 to 6-months in length. 

Each program includes:

  • 75-minute initial nutrition and lifestyle assessment

  • Bi-weekly 30-minute follow-up sessions (number of follow-up sessions range from 1-7, depending on program length)

  • Individualized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement analysis

  • Individualized nutrition & lifestyle goals

  • Supplemental educational exercises and questionnaires

  • Bi-weekly curriculum with educational materials    

  • One week worth of meal and snack ideas and recipes

  • Individualized supplement and vitamin recommendations and discounts on medical-grade supplements 

  • Recommended food & grocery store list

  • Open e-mail support between sessions


Sample educational topics include:


  • Building a Balanced Plate, Eliminating Added Sugar, Stocking a Healthy Kitchen, Reading a Food Label, Mindful Eating, Meal Timing, Macronutrient Goals, Gut Health, Tips for Traveling & Dining Out, Specific Product Recommendations, Meal Prep.




*Note: these can only be completed after or combined with an initial consultation package)

Follow-up Session

Add a 30-minute follow-up session and check-in at any point after your initial consultation. The perfect way to stay on track and accountable with your goals and health.

Custom Nutrient Testing 

Take an at-home urine or blood prick test to evaluate your needs for specific nutrients such as antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, digestive support, fatty acids and amino acids. This test allows for precise and targeted nutrition therapy and supplementation.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Many symptoms such as fatigue, depression, acne, food cravings, joint pain, weight gain and headaches are due to food intolerances and sensitivities. Take a lab test that will tell us which foods you do not tolerate. We will analyze the results and utilize them to develop a completely customized protocol based on your needs.

Food Journal Program

You write down everything you eat/drink throughout the day and send us a report at the end of the day. We’ll analyze your daily report and respond to you the following morning with feedback and a new daily goal.

Pantry Makeover

One of the best things you can do for your health is to make your own food and it all starts in your kitchen! I will help you create your grocery list and give you tips for finding quality ingredients, brands and foods.  I will also go through your kitchen and pantry with you and consult on items to keep or toss.  We'll work together to stock your kitchen with foods that will best support healthy and delicious eating and cooking!

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