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Jumpstart your health with the Abigail Taft Nutrition Reset Week. In this packet, you will receive a 45-page curated wellness guide and 5-day meal plan with 16 recipes and recommended snacks. We cover everything from food, supplements, movement, journaling and provide logbooks and ways to track success throughout the week. You will be amazed how much better you can feel in just 5 days, and I've outlined it all for you in this step-by-step, day-by-day packet. This is a completely self-guided resource and you can use it at any time.


The goal of this week is to get back to the basics with simple, whole food eating. What you put into your body on a daily basis has the biggest impact on how you feel and your health. Food has the power to transform your energy, digestion, mood, sleep and weight. 


This is an incredible resource for those looking to jumpstart their health journey, someone looking for a bit more structure or guidance, or anyone that wants to learn how to best energize, nourish and reset their body and mind. You will learn tools and build habits to help you maintain sustainble lifestyle and health changes.


All participants will also get a link for 15% off supplements.

5-Day Reset Week Guide

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