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This past summer, I was lucky enough to spend lots of time in Minneapolis. My boyfriend completed a 3 month summer internship there and I visited about 4 times. I had ZERO idea what to expect out of Minneapolis but I love exploring new cities so, although I was not thrilled about the 3 hour flight from NYC, I was excited to get my Minneapolis ON.

Long story short, Minneapolis is a beautiful city with an incredible outdoors scene, delicious restaurants, great parks, so many fun bars and breweries, and so much to do and explore. I was also obsessed with Lake Minnetonka and the charming town of Wayzata which is less than an hour away from the downtown are. The lake is HUGE and has tons of fun bars and restaurants. You can rent a jet ski, boat or bikes and just explore, but make sure to eat a meal in Wayzata (town on the lake) - my favorite spots in Wayzata are listed below.

I can only speak to the summer months in Minneapolis which were actually very warm and sunny, but I have heard it can get unbearably cold on a regular basis in the winter so keep that in mind when planning your visit! Below are some recommendations based on my eating and exploring. Enjoy!


  • Bar La Grassa ( I think every person I spoke to in Minneapolis recommended this restaurant)

  • Spoon & Stable

  • Kado No Mise (Sushi)

  • COV (Wayzata)

  • Bellecour (Wayzata) - My personal favorite :)

Brunch & Lunch

  • The Bachelor Farmer

  • Crisp & Green (basically Sweetgreen)

  • Surly Brewing Company

  • Moose & Sadie's


  • TRUCE - delicious plant-based smoothies, acai bowls, and raw foods


  • Hewing Hotel - Such a cool hotel with a great bar, restaurant and rooftop

Activities & Work-Outs

  • Running paths - around Lake of the Isles or on the Mississippi River

  • Bike path - Minneapolis has an incredible bike path that goes for MILES. Rent bikes and explore all day via bike.

  • CorePower Yoga

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